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"Ms Kirisame, what would you do if another Hakurei came to exterminate you?"


"Exterminate me? Exterminate me?!" Marisa hunched over, biting at her thumb. Eyes darting to the side as she began mumbling to herself, volume and tempo of her words rising higher and becoming more agitated with every passing syllable.

"Yer wrong! A Hakurei… Reimu would nev’r exterminate me! Nev’r nev’r nev’r ev’r!" It was like a child throwing a tantrum, but a child that wielded terrible dark powers. "I am her friend, her companion! We’re comrades in arms, the shrine maiden n’ the witch! We’re inseparable!"

"Yer tryin’ ta trick me ain’t ya?" Her words peter out for a moment, calm replacing the anxiety that existed only moments ago. Then that calm extended into an eerie silence, threatening to choke both of them. Hands clenched, and her throat feeling dry. Marisa took a step closer to Daichi. Tengu or not, she was a magician and when you set foot in a magician’s lair, you forfeit your life. Daichi would need to be faster than light.

"Ufufufu~! What would I do? What would I doooo~? Why don’t I jus’ show ya what I would do if anyone tried to exterminate me. Ya know, jus’ ta humor ya?"

"They say it only hurts the firs’ thousand years in Hell!"



"Satori is a nerd?  Who would have guessed?"


"I don’t know what that means, but I really hope it’s not insulting."

"Look it up dork."

steampunk marisa

Steam punk is overused and overrated.

Urge to make science/magitek AU Marisa.

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ezreal marisa

Pulse-fire Spark!

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Marisa, come quick! There's an army of old men near your house! I heard the leader is someone you have met before.

"What the hell do y’all want now? This ain’t no bingo hall so go on home n’ shuffle board or whatev’r ya geezers do."

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Trapped in a box by a Cockney nut-job! 'Ave a cuppa tea! 'Ave a cuppa tea!

"Not in the mood f’r tea."